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ILIFE A4s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction, Up to 140mins Run time, For Hard Floors and thin Carpets
4.8 ( 33 Reviews )
111 sold
2021-11-22 00:00:00 ~ 2021-11-28 23:59:59
  • The Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system provides thorough and concentrated cleaning.
  • Large-capacity battery brings up to 140mins cleaning time.
  • Automatically starts to clean at scheduled time, and automatically returns to the charging base when power is low or cleaning finished.
  • Avoids bumping around or falling off stairs with multiple smart sensors.
  • Slim body to clean under beds, sofa. 
  • Applicable to multiple floor types - hardwood, tile, and thin carpet.
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CyclonePower Cleaning System
CyclonePower Cleaning System
Brushes sweep dust and dirt into the cleaning path, then the strong suction completes the cleaning process. The system ensures  thorough clean on carpets and all floor types, and no dirt escapes.
Multiple Cleaning Modes
Multiple Cleaning Modes
Auto, Spot and Edge modes are available to  take care of your different cleaning needs. Moreover, to get better cleaning experience, you can schedule a specific time to start cleaning when you are not around.
G3 CyclonePower cleaning system
G3 CyclonePower cleaning system
The Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system provides superior suction to make clean thoroughly and completely.
Max suction power
Max suction power
Superior suction will be activated when Max mode is turned on via remote control, for maximum pickups of dust and hairs.
Slim design
Slim design
3-inch slim body allows it to clean under furniture, like beds, sofas.
Easy to use
Easy to use
Press the CLEAN button on display or the remote control to start cleaning. Set a weekly cleaning schedule to keep home clean and neat.
Model: A4s
Cleaning mode
Cleaning mode: Path, Spot, Edge, MAX
Dimension: 330*320*76mm
Suitability: Tile, hardwood, carpet
Net weight
Net weight: 2.2kg
Grade-ability: 15-degrees
Color: Iron gray
Ability to cross obstacles
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 12mm
Dustbin Capacity
Dustbin capacity: 450 ml
Charging type
Charging type: Auto / Manual
Cleaning time
Cleaning time: Up to 120 minutes
Working voltage
Working voltage: 14.4V
Charging time
Charging time: 200~350 minutes
Power: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 22W
Why does the robot spit out dust while it’s working?
1. Check if the dustbin is full. Empty and clean the dustbin regularly.
2. Always lift up the robot from the slanted end of the bumper.
The robot has returned to its charging dock for recharge during the scheduled time.
Will it resume to work after recharge or until the next scheduled cycle?The robot responds to scheduled cleaning once a day only. After recharge,it will start working automatically when the next schedule comes. If you need the robot to clean now, send a command with the remote control.
Will the robot keep cleaning until the scheduled cycle finishes?
Yes, the vacuum will keep cleaning unless you press PAUSE or its battery level is low and it returns to the charging base.
Can the robot clean water spots in the kitchen or bathroom?
The robot must not be used on the wet floors. Vacuuming liquids will damage the robot.
Do I need to maintain the robot?
You need to clean and maintain the robot regularly – clean dusty cliff sensors and remove hair and debris in the side brushes and wheels.Do not squeeze or press the high-performance filter. It must not be washed with water. Tab the filter to any remove dust.
Can I leave the robot on the charging dock if I'm not using it for some time?
Yes. After the robot is fully charged, it will enter trickle charging to compensate self-discharge in the battery and avoid overcharge. Do not allow children to charge the robot. Turn off the power switch if it will not be used for a long time.
Why can't the robot go back to the charging dock for recharge?
Make sure there is about 1 meter of unblocked space on both sides and about 2 meters in front of the charging dock. To avoid disturbing trickle charging, do not put the charging dock near high wattage appliances such as a television or refrigerator.
Why doesn’t the robot work at the scheduled cleaning time?
1. The power switch on the robot is turned off.
2. The battery is low.
3. The schedule was not saved in the robot properly. Read the user manual for instructions on how to schedule or visit our How-To Video Tutorials.
​​​​​​​4. After a schedule is set, keep the power switch on the robot on. The preset schedule will be canceled if the power switch is turned off or the robot’s battery runs completely out.
What if the robot moves backwards and circles around?
1. Clean the cliff sensors with a dry cloth or cotton swab.
2. Clean the side wheels.
3. Check if the bumper is out all the way. Loosen the screws along the front bumper and tap to restore it to the original position. If necessary, remove the front bumper, clean and reinstall (make sure not to make screws too tight).
Why does the robot make more noise and clean less efficiently than before?
The robot needs to be maintained regularly. Follow these steps to remove debris from the robot:
1.Turn off the power switch. Remove and empty the dustbin.
2.Clean the primary and high-performance filters.
3.Clean the main brush.
4.Remove and clean the side brushes.
5. Remove and clean the main brush.
Why does the robot fall down stairs occasionally even if it is equipped with an anti-fall system?
1. If the carpet extends beyond the steps, the robot will consider it as a carpeted floor and continue cleaning, causing it to fall down the stairs.
2. If the cliff sensors are dusty it can block the sensors view. Clean the cliff sensors.
3. Some flooring is reflective. This will impact the function of the floor detectors. Add barriers to prevent falls.
The robot cleans well but doesn't work as long as before.
1. The battery will lose power if the robot is in standby for too long. Fully charge the robot before using it again.
2. If the robot is shutting down and giving an error message; this is not the battery. Count the number of beeps and look in your manual for the meaning of the error message or contact support.
3. Reactivate the battery if the robot has not been used for a long time: put the robot on the charging base and charge for 3 minutes, then pull off. Repeat this 3 times before charging it for 3-5 hours as usual.
​​​​​​​4. When the battery reaches its end of life, it will shorten the robot’s working time. Please replace the battery to maintain normal performance.
Why can’t the robot be recharged?
1. Make sure the power switch on the side of the robot is turned on.
2. Make sure the adapter and charging base are connected to power, the green light on top of the base should be lit.
3.  Check if the charging pins are in contact with the robot.
4. Try charging the robot directly with the adapter into the side of the robot.
5. Check if the battery in the robot is properly installed.
The robot occasionally roams around and returns to the charging dock when it is in standby mode.
The robot will return to its charging dock under two circumstances:
1) Its voltage is unstable;
2) It has received disrupted signals.
What should I do if the robot accidentally sucks in liquids?
Turn off the power switch immediately. Dry the dustbin, primary filters and suction passage. Replace the high-performance filter. Reinstall the parts after they are dry and turn on the robot again.
The remote control doesn’t work.
1. The transmission range of the remote control is 4 meters. Signals weaken outside this range.
2. The battery of the remote control is low. Replace the batteries.
3. The battery of the robot is low. Recharge the robot.
4. The infrared transmitter of the remote control or the robot’s receiver are dirty. Clean them with a dry cloth.
​​​​​​​5. The robot is too close to the charging base or there is signal interference from other infrared devices near the remote control.
Why doesn’t the robot react after I press AUTO or CLEAN on the robot/remote control?
1. Make sure the power switch on the side (bottom on A4s) of the robot is turned on.
​​​​​​​2. Check the battery level of the robot and fully charge it. Make sure the power switch is turned on and give a command again.
The robot beeps on the charging dock.
1. Turn on the power switch;
2. Make sure you are using a factory authorized adapter;
3. The charging pins are dirty causing improper connection. Clean the charging pins on the robot and charging dock.
The robot is cleaning around a small area and randomly changing its direction.
The black and white nose wheel of the robot is stuck or needs to be cleaned. Cleaning steps are as follows:
1. Pull firmly on the nose wheel to remove the whole assembly.
2. Remove any debris inside the wheel cavity.
3. Spin the wheel by hand. If rotation is restricted,remove the wheel from its housing andpush firmly to remove the axle to clean any debris or hair wrapped around it.
4. Reinstall all parts when everything has been cleaned.
The noise level has clearly increased.
1. Clean the main brush if it is clogged with debris.
2. Check if the side brushes are loose.
3. The dustbin is full or the high-performance filter was washed with water. Empty the dustbin and replace the high-performance filter.
4. Noise level increases when the robot is in MAX mode.
The robot only cleans for a short period.
1.The battery will lose power if the robot is in standby for too long. Fully charge the robot before using it again.
2.If the robot is shutting down and giving an error message; this is not the battery. Count the number of beeps and look in your manual for the meaning of the error message or contact support.
3.Reactivate the battery if the robot has not been used for a long time: put the robot on the charging base and charge for 3 minutes, then pull off. Repeat this 3 times before charging it for 3-5 hours as usual.
​​​​​​​4.When the battery reaches its end of life, it will shorten the robot's working time. Please replace the battery to maintain normal performance.
Why doesn’t the robot clean around the charging dock?
This is a default configuration to prevent the robot from running into the charging dock or wires which may disturb its recharge cycle.
The robot is circling around a small area.
The side wheels may be jammed by debris. If cleaning the wheels doesn’t help, contact our customer service representatives. Please pay attention to the number of beeps in the error message when the robot shuts down.
The robot has missed or repeated cleaning some areas.
1. The robot will automatically clean the areas that it has missed. Do not move it or block its cleaning route.
2. Because every home setting is different, spatial analysis discrepancy may happen. If the robot hasn’t covered some areas, put it in another spot manually and restart the cleaning cycle.
​​​​​​​3. Before using the robot, clear excessive objects on the floor that may block its cleaning path (e.g. cables, slippers, upright fan). The robot cannot clean narrow spaces which are smaller than itself. Rearrange the furniture and settings for better cleaning results.
The side brushes are not working or rotating very slowly.
1. The robot’s battery is low and has entered into search mode for the charging base. The robot's side brushes and wheels will move slower in this mode.
2. Side brushes are jammed by debris. Remove and clean them.
The signal light on top of the robot is off after the robot has idled for some time.
To save energy, the robot will enter sleep mode after idling for a certain period of time. To reactive the robot, press the “CLEAN” or “AUTO” button.
How do I activate “Mini-Room” mode?
Press the “CLEAN” button twice on the robot or remote control to activate Mini-Room mode. Close the room door to set a boundary for the robot. It takes about 40 minutes to complete Mini-room cleaning.
4.8 ( 33 Reviews )
Top Reciew
Very good!
I am so impressed on such amount of things it picked up. I never expect my floors are so dirty.
All Reciews
Do not buy from iLife
Ordered the ILife A4s directly from their website thinking it would make a great addition to my apartment, but it never got delivered. After contacting both UPS and iLife, nobody could give me any answers. Ending up losing $160 to this company. Save your money and buy an IRobot Roomba. Better company, better product, and better customer service. That’s what I ended up doing.
Karen L.
Best pyrchase i ever made
My little dog sheds  a ton and it picks up all those hair.It is also very thin so it won't stuck under my sofa.
Jon Brooks
Good vaccuum cleaner
Good vacuum cleaner. Copes With Hurray. So much dirt every day will sweep... And small and large. I have a dachshund and her wool falls off. The vacuum cleaner became a wand-rescue. He doesn't have a clue. Simple. But I consider this an advantage, because. There are fewer options to break something.
Great vaccum,like it!
This is the second purchase of this vacuum cleaner. I am very pleased now with my house and my parents. 
Good product and Convenient
It has multiple speeds and keeps my floors dog hair free. I’m thinking about buying another one to keep upstairs.
Excellent Product
i have received now the 3rd vacuum cleaner of this brand and it is very good. it is an older model bit it works fine and gets the job done. quality is good and for small apartmets it works fine. if you have large apartment get one with radar map. 
Joann Gibson
Super. is quieter from A4s
It is very quiet!  It does a good job and includes several spare filters, brushes, and for lack of a better word another filter.
it worths the money
very happy with my vacuum. It works as well as the higher priced one but cost less.
I love it
It felt great to have a robot do my work.
As always super, bought for someone with family. All satisfied.
Ima Critic
Oh What A Relief It Is!
I wish I had known earlier how LIFE ALTERING the addition of this vacuum to my hearth and home would be! A game changer.I don't have to beg my husband anymore to help me keep the floors clean. I no longer have to vacuum up piles of dirt and dust left by the Swiffer. Oh what a relief it is. This robot has been working daily now for over a month without any major issues.
Where have you been all my life?
So we’ve had this guy for about 3 weeks now. Running it daily and let me tell you, I think I vacuumed the traditional way maybe once since. I was worried it would not work on carpet worth much, but it actually does a decent job, leaving the rooms nice and clean, on the wooden floors it works with an ease. I do mop just because we have foot and paw prints but in all honesty this device cleans well enough you could do without the mopping for some days too.
It’s easy to clean, comes with a little tool to clean the spinning brush off with, a brush and filter replacement kit and gosh has it changed my life?!
I don’t run it when I’m not home as it does get stuck sometimes under a recliner or tangled up in a cable/ string left out by mistake, but couldn’t be happier about the job it does.
Now I got about 3 hours extra a week!
Kelly Cameron
Great Helper
If you are looking for a product that will eliminate your need to sweep or vacuum, this isn’t your answer.
If you are like us, a family of 6, including a set of toddler twins, and have two cats, with 90% being laminate or tile, this thing is great! I had to sweep several times a day! Now, I run this thing a few times a day and only sweep once. It won’t get edges, nooks and cranny’s, or under my couch, but it collects cat hair, dust, and sand like a boss! It will even get shoe lace, underwear, and any random item a teenager might leave laying around. I was concerned it wouldn’t go over the room dividers in our pergo, but it plows right over them. The cats love it, and my toddlers even turn it on. I haven’t taken the time to program it. I just tell a toddler to go turn it on. I’ve had it about a week, and I have no complaints. It puts itself back, and has not run away.
It will surface clean the carpet area. It will get cat hair and Cheerios etc. I still use my upright for the carpeted area. I would rate this as an A plus mother’s helper.
Love this robot
Took a gamble with this product and it totally paid off. I've never owned something like this and decided to get a less expensive, non-name brand. I love it. It's a lot quieter than I was expecting. Perhaps it's not super strong, I don't know. But it doesn't matter because it works great for my purposes since I use it on hardwood floors to pick up dog hair and dust bunnies.
Saves me time
It doesn't perform miracles, but it definitely keeps me all wood floor house clean. It has no issue going over small door stops, which I thought would be an i.ssue.
Great little robot
This is the best purchase I have made in a very long time. My carpets always look newly vacuumed. The first week I needed to empty the bin often, since it gets everywhere, under beds etc., places I didn't vacuum often in the past. It gets right up to all the edges on the tile. I choose this ones over others because it said it was quiet. . We have two small dogs who let me know if it gets stuck somewhere.
Cleans great, quiet, cheap but does the job ALEXA READ REVIEW
My roommates and I bought this for ourselves as a christmas present (I know, how lame), but honestly it works great! We've had it for a little over a month and I'll be the first to say it definitely does the job. We have a Husky German Shepard mix as well as a short haired cat....before this purchase, hair was EVERYWHERE! Clumps of hair tucked in corners... socks, blankets and couches all covered in hair. Now the hair is reduced everywhere! I'm amazed for how cheap this unit is but we clean the roller(super easy to clean) and empty the dust bin daily (THIS IS ESSENTIAL!) No problems so far, it finds it's dock pretty much every time minus the few times it's gotten stuck under the couch or ottoman. It isn't very smart, it's pattern of cleaning is non-existent which is annoying, but when we ignore it, it cleans our wood floors perfectly in an 1100 SQ ft apartment. Keep the unit free of clogged rollers and empty the dust bin and it should last a while.
Luv to Shop!
Lovin my "Rosie"
I have had this vacuum for a week now and "Rosie" has been a big help! She vacuums the entire 1st floor for me every night while we're sleeping. The main reason why I bought this vacuum is because we have a dog that sheds ALOT. There are times when I get home from work and I'm just too tired to vacuum myself. So after doing all the research and reading reviews, I've decided to go with the ILIFE product over Roomba. For one thing, ILIFE is much more affordable than the Roomba. Our dog, Skipper, isn't afraid of Rosie at all. I actually thought he would be barking at her every time she starts to work, but nope. He just stays away from her. Don't get me wrong, I still vacuum the house myself, but now I only have to do it on the weekends. I'm a neat freak. This vacuum picks up all of Skipper's hairs, which I LOVE. I just make sure to empty her out every night when I get home from work. Thank you Rosie! You're now my new BFF!
Mrs Bell
BEST PURCHASE EVER!! Saved my life!!
This item has saved my life. We live in a small farmhouse on a busy gravel road and have a toddler.. So to say the least we have dust and lots of it, not counting every rock, grass, and manure chunk that comes in the house.. and toddler comes with a class of MESS!! On the weekends when we are home it runs no stop to clean up messes, and during the week I run it on plan each day at 4pm. My floors have never looked better and its 1 more thing I do not have to stress about anymore. We have hardwood, Carpet and Linoleum and rugs.. Works great.. The only thing I had to pick up were the throw rugs cause it tries to cuck them up and gets stuck. So if you are looking for a life saver, this is it!! So far 3 other family members have purchased one after seeing mine!!
It works!
I love this bot! It manages my pet hair issue well.
Mrs Bell
You NEED this if you have pets.
I did a lot of research and comparison shopping before finally landing on the ILIFE A4. We've had this vacuum for a few weeks now, and it's one of the best purchases we've ever made! If you're on the fence, trust me, GET THIS. It's worth every penny! Setting it up right out of the box is quick and easy. It cleans a surprisingly large amount of dirt and debris. My partner and I have 2 dogs and a cat, all of which shed a ton. Our floors get dirty super fast. We run the vacuum about every other day and it picks up SO MUCH. It's the perfect height to get underneath dressers and other hard to reach spots. We clean it after almost every use, but it's incredibly easy and takes less than 30 seconds. We've never bothered with the edge cleaning so can't speak to that, it does the job just fine on auto. The only super minor issue we've noticed is the home button doesn't work 100% as it should - sometimes the vacuum will just keep cleaning for awhile. But we don't mind that and simply put it back in it's charging dock.

This vacuum has saved us so much time and energy! So very glad we made this purchase
Stephanie d
Best purchase I've ever made
LOVE. THIS. VACUUM. I bought this because I could not keep up with my dog's shedding and could not afford a roomba. She has short hair
My New Best Friend
This is my first robotic vacuum that I've purchased and I could not be happier. I feel I made an excellent choice.
ILIFE, as I have christened my vacuum, has made my life so much easier. I have 3 cats in my 938 square foot house which is all hardwood with several small rugs. The kitties seem to want to distribute litter from the box evenly throughout the house and don't even get me started on the cat hair. Irene is able to transition from wood to rug with no issues at all and she even picked up a fresh, wet hairball without stopping.
The first couple of times I sent her on her merry way I watched her and checked the dust bin and brush frequently. I did have to dump her out and clean the bristles twice on that first voyage but now, running her once a day when I leave for work, I simply clean her up when I get home. With regular use she is easily able to clean the whole house with room left in the dustpan and it really isn't her fault that my long hair gets wrapped around the brushes - that has happened with every vacuum I've ever owned.
I am very impressed with her suction power and how thoroughly she cleans.
My only advice for someone who purchases this vacuum is to lift up bed skirts and couch skirts if you want her to clean those places. She's a little scared of the dark.
I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone!
Happy with this purchase
I'm very pleased with the performance of this vacuum. I haven't had any other robot vacuums to compare against, but this suits my needs well at a nice price compared to other brands. I use it for our downstairs rooms, which has hardwood, tile, and rugs. This vacuums transitions easily over the various surfaces. I haven't timed exactly how long it goes each day, but it is well over an hour and probably more than an hour and a half. It doesn't get every spot each time, but by running it daily my floor looks better than it ever has.

wonderful pickup - even when I think my floor is very clean, I'm amazed at how much dirt it's picked up each day. Doesn't seem very loud. Goes under most of my furniture without any problem - just have one spot under the couch it gets stuck on. Very simple to empty and clean after each run, including cleaning the roller. We have three long-haired girls in the house, but this vacuum is managing the hair well and the roller's not getting destroyed. It's very simple to open and get the hair out. With my traditional vacuum, it takes scissors and a whole lot of effort to get the hair out of the roller.

All in all, I'm happy with this purchase and this sure beats hauling the traditional vacuum & cord all over the place!
Got pets? Got a busy life? GET THIS THING.
I LOVE THIS THING. I've only had it for about...5 days? And it's already made my life significantly easier.
I have a cat. My cat sheds a lot. I live alone in a medium-sized studio apartment (about 700 sq. ft.) but I work a lot & sometimes (okay, most of the time) I come home, see little cat hair tumbleweeds, and instead of pulling out the vacuum for the 4th time in a week, will straight-up just turn off the lights so I don't have to look at it. NOT GOOD, I KNOW.
As a Valentine's Day gift to myself (yeah, I know, sad),  I was NOT disappointed. My mom bought a name-brand Roomba around the same time by a complete coincidence, and paid almost twice as much as mine for just about the same functionality, cleaning-wise. Hers maps out rooms so it's a BIT more efficient when going about, but in the end out houses are both clean and I paid a fraction of the price.
I've set it to run a few times when I was out only to come back to it not on its dock but stuck in a weird spot of my bathroom or tangled up in a cord, so I'm going to be more careful about the placement of rugs and cords, but even on those occasions there wasn't really any mess to deal with and the MAJORITY of my apartment was cleaned. If you're worried about leaving it alone, just run it when you're at home--if it gets stuck, you'll hear it.
All in all: highly recommended. I didn't care about room mapping or whether or not it could connect to WiFi (and they REALLY aren't necessary for such a high upcharge it'll cost to get you them) and this has been the perfect thing for me!
It is kind of finicky around rugs, so I would recommend just shaking them off and putting them up somewhere until the robot is done. The collection bin is kind of small, but I suppose it's not something that could be fixed as it would probably add to the size of the robot.

Overall, I would recommend this and I have to my family. It's more affordable than the name brand and it does a great job cleaning the carpet and hardwood.
I was hesitant to buy this product, as I'm a fan of name brands, but I have to say I'm very pleased! I have been using this little robot for about 3 weeks, running it at least once a day in at least one room. I own 2 cats and between me and the cats, we shed a lot of hair. I have children who love to leave crumbs and things all over the kitchen floor. The first room I tried out was the kitchen. My floor has never been so clean! I enjoyed watching it clean. LOL. It had no problem navigating around the table legs and it even fits underneath my chairs. I ended up putting up the chairs the next time because I felt like it just took more time trying to get around the chairs than cleaning. It picked up hairs, food crumbs, dry cat food, and other debris. This was hardwood. I have carpet in the rest of the house and it took care of that no problem!

It is kind of finicky around rugs, so I would recommend just shaking them off and putting them up somewhere until the robot is done. The collection bin is kind of small, but I suppose it's not something that could be fixed as it would probably add to the size of the robot.

Overall, I would recommend this and I have to my family. It's more affordable than the name brand and it does a great job cleaning the carpet and hardwood.
Kimberly Martin-McClure
Great for Daily Cleaning Up After Cats
My husband and I plus our 4 cats live in a 430 square foot RV and travel the country. Due to the small space and the large number of cats, fur and litter are a constant problem. I was sweeping everyday and found it annoying. We bought this robot vacuum and it has been a true help. We run it once a day and it sucks up all the fur and litter really well.
A great little product
I love it
Katherine Jones
I loved this when it was working
I loved this when it was working! It was nice to "set it and forget it" and have clean floors
Bob S.
The best of the four low cost robot vacuum I've owned
In the past year I have purchased and returned an Eufy, Ecovacs and KOIOS vacuums due to unsatisfactory operation, mostly because battery did not meet advertised performance. This ILIFE is by far the better machine
It's important to keep any of the robot vacuums clean as a dirty machine depletes the battery faster and your cleaning time gets reduced. A trick I found that was useful: get a small cat hair brush to clean the machine brush of hair. It works much better than the small cleaning tool included. In addition to daily emptying the dust bin, I throughly clean weekly and replace the filters monthly. I have two large ginger cats, hardwoods throughout with a couple of oriental rugs.
Great Robot Vacuum
This robot vacuum is my life saver!! At first my husband was skeptical about robot vacuum because our place is small. He was under an impression that this would work in a bigger house. I have to say “It’s over my expectations”. Here is what I love about it:
- it works great in our small house
- it works great on a vinyl, carpet and tile floor.
- it sucks GREAT!!!
- it cleans even an edge with the little side brushes.
- it can go on a medium pile tile and carpet.
- it’s easy to clean after the vacuum.
- price is great and it’s enough for what we need. We don’t need a wifi or connect with the phone.
Overall I’m very happy to find this robot vacuum. This saves me time everyday and I gets to walk on a nice, clean floor.
Amazing vacuum
This vacuum is SO AMAZING that I've ordered THREE MORE AS GIFTS!
Angel Acosta
Great vacuum for the price
Excellent dust, took friends, the same is worth the parents, collects everything that is from the floor. Took exactly not a smart vacuum cleaner, because. It removes better, several carriages, although longe
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