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A4s Pro

ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum, 1400Pa Max Suction, ElectroWall, Remote Control, Slim, Thin, Quiet, Self-Charging, Smart, Ideal for Hard Floor to Medium-Pile Carpets
4.8 ( 37 Reviews )
  • Re-engineered from popular A4s, but have Gen 3+ CyclonePower system with 1400Pa suction power in Max mode. Extremely 2000Pa suction power in Spot mode.
  • Automatically boosts suction force when extra vacuuming power is needed for best cleaning performance.
  • Place ElectroWall at certain areas you want to restrict the robot from cleaning, ensuring it cleans only the areas required.
  • Quiet Clean in auto mode, up to 100 minutes of powerful suction, no louder to bother your pet or disturb you to watch TV.
  • What you get: 1 ILIFE A4s Pro, 1 ElectroWall (2 AA batteries included), 1 remote control (2 AAA batteries included), 1 charging dock, 1 AC power adapter, 1 cleaning tool, 1 extra filter, 4 side brushes, user manual and our worry-free 12-month warranty.Any questions, call 1-800-631-9676 for a full time customer service from Monday to Friday at 9:00 A.M-5:00 P.M Central Standard Time.
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Powerful Suction Design
Powerful Suction Design
A4s Pro has a 2000Pa suction in Spot mode and 1500Pa in Max mode for a clean home.
Auto Boost for Carpets
Auto Boost for Carpets
Automatically increases suction force when extra vacuuming power is needed.
Gen 3+ CyclonePower System
Gen 3+ CyclonePower System
A4s Pro has a powerful 2000Pa suction in Spot mode and 1500Pa in Max mode for a clean home.
Simple Cleaning
Simple Cleaning
Multiple cleaning modes are available to deal with different situations.
Compact Design
Compact Design
With only 2.95 inches in height, the A4s Pro can easily clean under beds and sofas.
Ensures the A4s Pro will only clean the area you need.
Enhanced 2-in-1 Brush
Enhanced 2-in-1 Brush
New designed 2-in-1 brush eliminates the hassle of frequent brush cleanings.
Enhanced Movement
Enhanced Movement
Improved rubber wheels are designed to roll over carpets and climb over transitions.
No Attention Needed
No Attention Needed
A4s Pro is equipped with multiple infrared sensors and drop sensors, changing direction to avoid stairs and bumping into furniture.
Automatic Cleaning
Automatic Cleaning
Simply set a regular time for your A4s Pro , never return to a messy home any more.
Model: A4s Pro
Cleaning mode
Cleaning mode: Auto, Spot, Edge, Max
Dimension: 310*310*76mm
Suitability: Tile, hardwood, carpet
Net weight
Net weight: 2.2kg
Grade-ability: 15-degrees
Color: Black
Ability to cross obstacles
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 15mm
Dustbin capacity
Dustbin capacity: 450ml
Charging type
Charging type: Auto / Manual
Cleaning time
Cleaning time: Up to 100 minutes
Working voltage
Working voltage: 14.4V
Charging time
Charging time: < 300 minutes
Power: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 22W
Why does the robot spit out dust while it’s working?
1. Check if the dustbin is full. Empty and clean the dustbin regularly.
2. Always lift up the robot from the slanted end of the bumper.
The robot has returned to its charging dock for recharge during the scheduled time.
Will it resume to work after recharge or until the next scheduled cycle?The robot responds to scheduled cleaning once a day only. After recharge,it will start working automatically when the next schedule comes. If you need the robot to clean now, send a command with the remote control.
Will the robot keep cleaning until the scheduled cycle finishes?
Yes, the vacuum will keep cleaning unless you press PAUSE or its battery level is low and it returns to the charging base.
Can the robot clean water spots in the kitchen or bathroom?
The robot must not be used on the wet floors. Vacuuming liquids will damage the robot.
Do I need to maintain the robot?
You need to clean and maintain the robot regularly – clean dusty cliff sensors and remove hair and debris in the side brushes and wheels.Do not squeeze or press the high-performance filter. It must not be washed with water. Tab the filter to any remove dust.
Can I leave the robot on the charging dock if I'm not using it for some time?
Yes. After the robot is fully charged, it will enter trickle charging to compensate self-discharge in the battery and avoid overcharge. Do not allow children to charge the robot. Turn off the power switch if it will not be used for a long time.
Why can't the robot go back to the charging dock for recharge?
Make sure there is about 1 meter of unblocked space on both sides and about 2 meters in front of the charging dock. To avoid disturbing trickle charging, do not put the charging dock near high wattage appliances such as a television or refrigerator.
Why doesn’t the robot work at the scheduled cleaning time?
1. The power switch on the robot is turned off.
2. The battery is low.
3. The schedule was not saved in the robot properly. Read the user manual for instructions on how to schedule or visit our How-To Video Tutorials.
​​​​​​​4. After a schedule is set, keep the power switch on the robot on. The preset schedule will be canceled if the power switch is turned off or the robot’s battery runs completely out.
What if the robot moves backwards and circles around?
1. Clean the cliff sensors with a dry cloth or cotton swab.
2. Clean the side wheels.
3. Check if the bumper is out all the way. Loosen the screws along the front bumper and tap to restore it to the original position. If necessary, remove the front bumper, clean and reinstall (make sure not to make screws too tight).
Why does the robot make more noise and clean less efficiently than before?
The robot needs to be maintained regularly. Follow these steps to remove debris from the robot:
1.Turn off the power switch. Remove and empty the dustbin.
2.Clean the primary and high-performance filters.
3.Clean the main brush.
4.Remove and clean the side brushes.
5. Remove and clean the main brush.
Why does the robot fall down stairs occasionally even if it is equipped with an anti-fall system?
1. If the carpet extends beyond the steps, the robot will consider it as a carpeted floor and continue cleaning, causing it to fall down the stairs.
2. If the cliff sensors are dusty it can block the sensors view. Clean the cliff sensors.
3. Some flooring is reflective. This will impact the function of the floor detectors. Add barriers to prevent falls.
The robot cleans well but doesn't work as long as before.
1. The battery will lose power if the robot is in standby for too long. Fully charge the robot before using it again.
2. If the robot is shutting down and giving an error message; this is not the battery. Count the number of beeps and look in your manual for the meaning of the error message or contact support.
3. Reactivate the battery if the robot has not been used for a long time: put the robot on the charging base and charge for 3 minutes, then pull off. Repeat this 3 times before charging it for 3-5 hours as usual.
​​​​​​​4. When the battery reaches its end of life, it will shorten the robot’s working time. Please replace the battery to maintain normal performance.
Why can’t the robot be recharged?
1. Make sure the power switch on the side of the robot is turned on.
2. Make sure the adapter and charging base are connected to power, the green light on top of the base should be lit.
3.  Check if the charging pins are in contact with the robot.
4. Try charging the robot directly with the adapter into the side of the robot.
5. Check if the battery in the robot is properly installed.
The robot occasionally roams around and returns to the charging dock when it is in standby mode.
The robot will return to its charging dock under two circumstances:
1) Its voltage is unstable;
2) It has received disrupted signals.
What should I do if the robot accidentally sucks in liquids?
Turn off the power switch immediately. Dry the dustbin, primary filters and suction passage. Replace the high-performance filter. Reinstall the parts after they are dry and turn on the robot again.
The remote control doesn’t work.
1. The transmission range of the remote control is 4 meters. Signals weaken outside this range.
2. The battery of the remote control is low. Replace the batteries.
3. The battery of the robot is low. Recharge the robot.
4. The infrared transmitter of the remote control or the robot’s receiver are dirty. Clean them with a dry cloth.
​​​​​​​5. The robot is too close to the charging base or there is signal interference from other infrared devices near the remote control.
Why doesn’t the robot react after I press AUTO or CLEAN on the robot/remote control?
1. Make sure the power switch on the side (bottom on A4s) of the robot is turned on.
​​​​​​​2. Check the battery level of the robot and fully charge it. Make sure the power switch is turned on and give a command again.
The robot beeps on the charging dock.
1. Turn on the power switch;
2. Make sure you are using a factory authorized adapter;
3. The charging pins are dirty causing improper connection. Clean the charging pins on the robot and charging dock.
The robot is cleaning around a small area and randomly changing its direction.
The black and white nose wheel of the robot is stuck or needs to be cleaned. Cleaning steps are as follows:
1. Pull firmly on the nose wheel to remove the whole assembly.
2. Remove any debris inside the wheel cavity.
3. Spin the wheel by hand. If rotation is restricted,remove the wheel from its housing andpush firmly to remove the axle to clean any debris or hair wrapped around it.
4. Reinstall all parts when everything has been cleaned.
The noise level has clearly increased.
1. Clean the main brush if it is clogged with debris.
2. Check if the side brushes are loose.
3. The dustbin is full or the high-performance filter was washed with water. Empty the dustbin and replace the high-performance filter.
4. Noise level increases when the robot is in MAX mode.
The robot only cleans for a short period.
1.The battery will lose power if the robot is in standby for too long. Fully charge the robot before using it again.
2.If the robot is shutting down and giving an error message; this is not the battery. Count the number of beeps and look in your manual for the meaning of the error message or contact support.
3.Reactivate the battery if the robot has not been used for a long time: put the robot on the charging base and charge for 3 minutes, then pull off. Repeat this 3 times before charging it for 3-5 hours as usual.
​​​​​​​4.When the battery reaches its end of life, it will shorten the robot's working time. Please replace the battery to maintain normal performance.
Why doesn’t the robot clean around the charging dock?
This is a default configuration to prevent the robot from running into the charging dock or wires which may disturb its recharge cycle.
The robot is circling around a small area.
The side wheels may be jammed by debris. If cleaning the wheels doesn’t help, contact our customer service representatives. Please pay attention to the number of beeps in the error message when the robot shuts down.
The robot has missed or repeated cleaning some areas.
1. The robot will automatically clean the areas that it has missed. Do not move it or block its cleaning route.
2. Because every home setting is different, spatial analysis discrepancy may happen. If the robot hasn’t covered some areas, put it in another spot manually and restart the cleaning cycle.
​​​​​​​3. Before using the robot, clear excessive objects on the floor that may block its cleaning path (e.g. cables, slippers, upright fan). The robot cannot clean narrow spaces which are smaller than itself. Rearrange the furniture and settings for better cleaning results.
The side brushes are not working or rotating very slowly.
1. The robot’s battery is low and has entered into search mode for the charging base. The robot's side brushes and wheels will move slower in this mode.
2. Side brushes are jammed by debris. Remove and clean them.
The signal light on top of the robot is off after the robot has idled for some time.
To save energy, the robot will enter sleep mode after idling for a certain period of time. To reactive the robot, press the “CLEAN” or “AUTO” button.
How do I activate “Mini-Room” mode?
Press the “CLEAN” button twice on the robot or remote control to activate Mini-Room mode. Close the room door to set a boundary for the robot. It takes about 40 minutes to complete Mini-room cleaning.
4.8 ( 37 Reviews )
Top Reciew
Suprisingly powerfu
Real product to advertisement, good quality and operation.
All Reciews
Stephanie Johnson
Best Vacuum and cleaner
Very cool vacuum cleaner. Simple to use. Is not loud. Easy to clean. Super cleans.
Cindy Edwards
Good vacuum
Some of it functions are good:
1) Virtual wall. I use it to separate play area from the living room floor that I want it to clean;
2) Switch between rugs and hardwood floor. I have rugs on my living room floor, and ilife robot vaccumcan switch it's power in between hardwood floor and rugs. When on rug, its sucking power is a lot higher than when it's on floor; I really like this feature.
3)prevent fall from stairs. If I leave it to clean upstairs, I don't need to worry about it fall on the stairs. It can detect stairs automatically. These features are very conveniently set up for daily clean while I'm doing something else or even when I'm out.
Vishal Agarwal
pet care,nice vaccum
I have two dogs and busy on work day so all my chores get saved for Saturday. I wanted something to help keep up with the floors (pets hair mostly) throughout the week.
I was really impressed at just how much hair and dirt it picked up, especially off the carpet.
It has a "high suction" mode hardfloor or carpet can clean better. I like that. It lasts well over an hour on a charge also. I didn't feel the need to spend five or so hundred dollars on one of these, I just wanted one that would keep up with picking up the pets hair and I'm really impressed at how good this is at that.
Glen Lewis
Corresponds to the description
I live in a single level apartment with a dog, so this is perfect for my space. It goes over my area rugs with zero issues, and this new one handles the transitions between floors even better than my old one.
Ivy Jolie
Worth every penny
I am very pleased with this item. This is now my second one from this company. I like the upgraded features. The bigger waste bin can save more dust and clean more area. It picks up all the dirt and hair from my dogs. This is much quieter than the previous one. I also like the feature to block it from going to other parts of the house.
This battery life is lasting longer than the last as well, however I had the other model for over a year with daily usage. All in all,the qulity is not bad l have recommend to my friends.
product is great
This is the second iLife robot vac I've owned, and I'm so glad I replaced the old one with the same brand!! This vacuum is great, I love this one has roller brush on it. It goes up my rugs back to my hardwood with no issues. It does take it a few days to learn its route, which is understandable. I love this product.
Juliana V
Excellent little helper
We come from model A4s Pro and this one is quieter. For the price is very good. We were looking for something simple without wifi or app. I put 4 stars on it because in one of the photos it suggests that it follows a cleaning pattern where the robot goes from wall to wall and that's not true, he goes on his roll and turns without a pattern. For the rest,fine.
I am very happy with my little helper!
This is my first time to get a robot vaccum. I have mixed feelings about this one, so let's start with the pros:
Suction is strong.  Navigates tile and hard floors well,
I just watched it spend 20 minutes cleaning a 3 foot area at the end of the hallway without ever making an attempt to return to the living room, which is what I actually wanted cleaned.
It includes a movable electronic barrier that the vacuum will not cross, which can help contain it.
Thanks this robot my hands will freedom,l have much time to do other things .
First robot vacuum cleaner
All norms, works, wool and dust collects. It's a pity that it moves chaotically 
Emily Osburn
used regularly
I'm taking two. Excellent assistant for daily cleaning. The usual vacuum cleaner certainly will not replace, but to maintain cleanliness between cleaning is simply indispensable. Especially if there are animals.
Surprising how much it picked up!
It picked up a surprising amount of dust, lint, and dirt!! Why didn't I get one of these years ago!
It cleans great.
the product has a problem driving around the apartment, you have to manually move the device to another room.
Rocky Worley
Worth every penny
very good robot, rekcomend I have been using it for a year, works as new, for about 2 hours, without pause for a charge. Need to replace just hepa filter.Odered second time for a frend.
Kathy Rankel
Excellent little helper
I am so surprised to get this robot vaccum! very quiet,l have pets it can picks up lots of their hair .Every day, I'm surprised at how much dust it picks up. It is worth every penny.
Suction is pretty good. It does leave some stuff that I would expect it to grab but it also picks up a lot that I didn't even know was there for it to grab. It's both impressive and gross every time we empty the bin.Overall happy with the unit. A lot of bang for the buck.
Joseph Britz
Small but powerful
First robot vacuum cleaner .. Delivery fast, packed well, got, charged, turned on, everything is fine!!! Drives around the apartment, dust wool collects
It cleans great.
Very cool thing! In the apartment it became much more neat (when cleaning the vacuum cleaner, khm, I did not even think that we have so much dust and dog hair.
Kelsey Miller
Good vacuum
This robot is the second I have, I don't want any other, it's fantastic you don't need anymore, my house with 120m makes it perfect plus I have pet and it doesn't I actually bought two for myself and one for giving away, The old one even though I 've already changed several parts and wheel engines, which I really like about this house because you have all the spare parts that were there, the former something internal failed and I have it for spare parts, but for 4 years it's been great I recommend 100%, it won't let you down.
Gloria Jacobson
good value for the money
I Ordered a 2nd one, because the other one was giving minor issues and had to be put to work upstairs on less mucky floors. Now downstairs is being well serviced by a fresh machine again! 2 Thumbs up!
Great Robot Vacuum
Very nice machine. Works quietly, does not interfere with watching TV. Moves, at first glance, chaotic but in 20 minutes cleaned the room 20 square meters perfectly. Does not leave dust. He himself returns to the base without problems. The purchase is very satisfied. Thank you all. Yea! Container with dust need to be removed neatly! 
Vacuum is ok
Vacuum is ok, nothing special in terms of navigation. It is fairly quiet. Remote works in a strange way such that controlling direction requires pressing button over and over.
Emily A
It's quite
So far goes great battery lasts two hours, sucks pretty well I'm happy with the purchase
Supper Shopper
Used for several days and póki what exercises are well. Is as far as silent, cleans pretty accurately. Recommend!
It cleans great.
The vacuum cleaner is great. A similar model has served more than 4 years. Removes perfectly.
Excellent job
Cool thing I do not understand how I lived without it I'm sitting there drinking beer and this one is good for me. Qualitatively With carpets I do not know how I do not have them Men if the spouse often asks to do cleaning Buy boldly!
Every women needs a I life robot vacuum.
Robot doing your job. I am happy with it.
Great little robot
Vacuum cleaner is happy, from the moment of purchase every day I turn on. I have three children with constantly everywhere crumbs, small trash. The vacuum cleaner performs his task. Immediately bought and mom.
Good Vacuum cleaner!So happy with how it works,my hands free!
Sweet K
Works Beyond My Expectation
I am very happy. Today he has my room sucked. Fine done. Everything should still setting on remote control. Monday ordered and Wednesday come so very quickly. 
Great Product!!!
we love it! Fur and really small bits of cloth can be easily removed from the carpets. I got two after my first purchase one for my parents and another for my wife's parents but that one is the model with the mop. Even if the house is spotless this little guy comes back always with a full container 
really good!
Cool toy. Dust collects, surprised! It is interesting to watch how it rolls, the noise does not bother at all.
Kathy Henner
Worth every penny
Very good product! It's the second of the brand I buy. The very attentive seller. Highly recommended!
Great for small spaces!
The day after I ordered it I already had it at home and clean phenomenal, super quiet and it lasts 2 hours the battery. I 'd buy it again without hesitation!
Cleans carpet well
It was all a whole, a wonderful assistant, carpets well cleaned
It's quite
I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone! it's useful
Small but powerful
It's good to have a powerful robot vacuum and a stick vacuum in the house for different cleaning requirements.
good unit at a low cost
Overall happy with the unit. A lot of bang for the buck.
Great Robot Vacuum
it works great in our small house
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