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ILIFE A9 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi Connected Mapping and Navigation, Sustained Strong Suction, Self-Adjustable Roller Brush, Slim & Quiet, Works with Alexa, For Hard Floor and Low-Pile Carpet
4.9 ( 47 Reviews )
300 sold
2021-09-04 12:00:00 ~ 2021-09-18 12:00:00
  • Maps and navigates your home in a methodical route to increase cleaning efficiency and avoid incomplete cleaning.
  • Upgraded CyclonePower cleaning system with whirlwind dustbin makes dirt disposal and maintenance much easier, also prolongs the lifetime of high-performance filter.
  • Uses the portable Electrowall device to designate no-go areas and keep the robot out of the place you don't want to be cleaned.
  • Wi-Fi Connected and APP control provide easy operation from your phone, including scheduling, selecting cleaning modes and accessory status. (5GHz Wi-Fi not supported)
  • 3" Slim body with 14 smart sensors allow it to clean around corners and along the walls, go underneath your furniture, avoid stairs and obstacles.
  • Automatically returns to the charging dock when battery runs low or finished cleaning (it will only return to charging dock when it's started there).
  • A 12-month warranty and professional customer service provided by after-sales team.
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Accurate mapping and locatlization
Accurate mapping and locatlization
Maintain superb filtration and powerful suction.
Gen 4 CyclonePower Cleaning System
Gen 4 CyclonePower Cleaning System
Gen 4 CyclonePower cleaning system produces increased suction for efficient dust and debris pickups.
4 Cleaning Modes
4 Cleaning Modes
Auto/Edge/Spot/Max modes are available to take care of your different needs.
Smart Mapping
Smart Mapping
Powered by Gen 2 PanoView Navigation Technology, it won't skip or redo any areas.
Powerful Suction
Powerful Suction
The robot’s powerful suction vacuums dirt into the dustbin.
Cellular Dustbin
Cellular Dustbin
600ml Cellular Dustbin captures debris and fine dust, letting out clean air.
i-Voice Assistant
i-Voice Assistant
Real-time voice announcements report work status and errors.
2 in 1 Roller Brush
2 in 1 Roller Brush
Maintain close contact with the floor and adjust to uneven surfaces automatically, easier to pick up dust and debris.
Side Brushes
Side Brushes
Collect the dust and debris on the floor into the cleaning path.
Obstacle Surmounting
Obstacle Surmounting
ILIFE A9 is able to climb up to 2cm obstacle easily, reducing human involvements in the cleaning process.
Model: A9
Cleaning mode
Cleaning mode: Path, Spot, Edge, MAX
Dimension: 330*320*76mm
Suitability: Tile, hardwood, carpet
Net weight
Net weight: 3.1kg
Grade-ability: 15-degrees
Color: Black
Ability to cross obstacles
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 15mm
Dustbin capacity
Dustbin capacity: 450 ml
Charging type
Charging type: Auto / Manual
Cleaning time
Cleaning time: Up to 120 minutes
Working voltage
Working voltage: 14.4V
Charging time
Charging time: < 300 minutes
Power: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 22W
Note for unable to connect to the app:
1.Please check that the app version matches the region version
(1)Turn the machine over, remove the dust box, and check the MAC ID number on the label
(2)North America corresponds to US version:US Region or ALIGW Region
2.Check if the machine is bound by someone else's mobile app
(1)You can log in to the original account to unbind. (Refer to the instructions for use)
(2)Re-networking can force unbundling
(3)Contact after-sales service, colleagues provide MAC ID and registered email
3.The machine is not connected to the network
(1)Check whether the distribution network model you selected in the app is consistent with the actual model.
(2)WIFI password must be entered correctly
(3)Cannot use 5G WIFI signal
(4)Check if the router is blacklisted
(5)It is not recommended to use corporate WIFI or public WIFI
4. The phone can't find the machine's hotspot Robot_XXXXX
(1)Check the hotspot name of the machine Robot_XXXX or adh_XXX
(2)Please confirm that your distribution network operation steps are correct. After booting, you need to wait 30 seconds, and then press and hold the button for more than 5 seconds to configure the network.(It is not recommended to distribute the network in or around the charging base)
(3)Try again after shutdown and restart
Express Alexa Connection Guide.(A9 in U.S. standard only)
1.First make sure your app is connected to ILIFE App and your phone is connected to the Echo Dot hotspot.
2.You will then need to bind the ILIFE APP in Amazon Alexa App.
3.Search for ILIFE ROBOT in the Skil&Game option, enter the ILIFE account and password after binding the ILIFE APP
4.And synchronize the ILIFEAPP connected Robot. After selecting the other option, Alexa looks for the machine.
Can not find the charging station?
The charging station is placed against the wall, each side is 0.5 meters, and there is no obstacle in the front 1.5 meters. Away from signal interference, such as router TVs,mirrors, windows, etc.
Find the charging station can not be connected to charge.
Clean the charging pins of the robot and the charging station with dry cloth. Make sure the side brushes installed correctly.(yellow is left and blue is right)
The robot have a cliff sensor, Why is it that it will fall off the stairs?
The cliff sensors contaminated, turn the machine over and wipe the cliff sensors of the robot bottom and restart.
The robot does not collect dirt or garbage.
The dustbin filter is maybe block. Remove the dustbin and check if it is block. (High-efficiency filter has a service life about one months)
The schedule timing does not leave for cleaning.
Make sure that the clock time and the schedule time are all setting successfully. Don't turn the power switch off when the schedule time was sited, otherwise the schedule time will lost.
The robot in circles around one direction.
The wheels maybe blocked with hair, clean it with tools. (if there is still the phenomenon, please contact our after-sales service)
The robot cleans in a small area and change direction frequently.
The machine nose wheel is blocked with objects. Remove the nose wheel and cleaning.
Working with loudly noise.
1. Please check the main brush and side brush for entangled foreign matter, if so, please take out the brush and clean it
2. Please clean the filter of the dust box,(please note that the high-efficiency filter cannot be washed with water)
3. When the main brush and side brush are not installed, directly run the machine to see if there is any abnormal sound. If not, it may be the sound made by the main brush or side brush when it is working, which is normal
4. If the sound is too harsh, or the working sound of the machine is greater than 70 decibels, please record the video and send it to the technical support mailbox
The robot cannot avoid obstacles and will directly hit it.
Due to the infrared sensor in bumper,the robot will gently hit the really dark furniture but will not cause any damage.
4.9 ( 47 Reviews )
Top Reciew
My husband and I have severe back issues and our son and his wife gave us this robotic sweeper for Christmas!

We don’t know how we had ever managed without it!

We have a one story house and, until today, it was able to sweep the entire house very effectively.

Don’t have to use their remote. We just tell Alexa to “Activate Alice”. (Named it after the maid Alice in the Partridge Family.)

Love the way she/it talks to you. When she’s trapped, she lets you know she’s trapped.

Highly recommend it!
Gina H.
Great robot vacuum for a great price!
This is my second iLife robot vacuum and this A9 model has so many improved functions! First (and best of all) its a great robot vacuum that is priced below some of the other more expensive options out there and I am very happy with the results. This model does not get stuck in places like my old model used to and it picks up so much more dust and dirt with the bristles and the new vacuum brushes underneath. When it does get stuck, it’s smart enough to turn around or go backwards to fix itself. We have carpet and tiling and it goes between both floor types no problem. The dirt cartridge is easy to dump out and clean. We have a pug that sheds a lot so this is a life saver! I would definitely recommend!
Marcus Martins
Awesome tool!!!
We have 2 long haired and one short hair cats. We have a great Dane and a long haired heeler mix.
Machine is methodical and does not often get stuck. I don't hear well and the volume could be higher when it does announce. Wish the collection bin was a bit bigger or there was an announcement when it's full.
Other than the above, the machine learns fast and does return to charge on its own. We love it.
CDR West
If you've got a dog, buy this
My (vintage) Roomba had battery failure so I went shopping. The ILife A9 ended my search and I am happy with the results. It has several features that are superior to the Roomba models and a more favorable price. We have a maid every other week but we also have a dog which sheds 24/7. This little gem keeps the floors clear between her visits. I'd recommend it.
All Reciews
Tight lines, Strong Suction
My wife laughs at my vacuum robot habit. I guess I want an army running around our house, and if I had a choice, I would have an army of ILIFE A9 robots. The execution-to-price is excellent. It executes very well on medium to hile pile carpet where four boys and two dogs play and lay. It gets stuck way less than other vacuums, like Shark and iRobot, and it is impressive to see how it keeps lines like I mow the grass. It is far quieter than iRobot and a little softer than Shark. The dustbin is always full. I cannot speak to Wifi/scheduling performance because I use the remote when dogs/kids are in another place (outside, first floor, out).
Hello there My order was incomplete, I am missing the A9, I only received the w400
Hello there

My order was incomplete, I am missing the A9, I only received the w400
James Thobe
Actually Life Changing, I’m not kidding
We looked at several different kinds of robotic vacuums before choosing this one and I think we made an excellent choice. Super price point! Suction power isn’t like my Miele but then this is a little vac — you can’t expect the same level from two different kinds of vacuum. We use iLife (pronounced Ee-Lee-fay at our house) every single day and it’s really made a difference in our lives. We keep things tidier so it can get around without getting stuck, and the amount of dust and pet hair (we have 3 cats) has been dramatically reduced. It goes back to its station if it can find it, and if it can’t we just pick it up and take it back. It goes on every morning at 10:00 am, though we didn’t program it... It’s almost like we have a little cleaning buddy! I am so happy to have it around.
If we continue to value the use of this product, and not just the novelty, we might invest in a self-cleaning one with a longer running life.
Kaylynn Stevens
Overall, great robo-vac
I started with the ilife V3 and upgraded to this for the scheduling function. The vacuum itself works great! Picks up all the bigger items like grass the dogs bring in and is strong enough to pick up any dust or dirt.

The battery life is pretty decent and will typically make it through cleaning my entire house (1800 sq ft.) before needing to recharge. But even if it does stop to recharge, it's nice that it'll pick up where it left off once it's back to full power.
Don't hesitate to buy!
I'm so impressed with this little machine. It's relatively quiet. If it happens to have an issue it vocally tells you what exactly is wrong. I never knew so much dust and hair was on my hardwood floors left behind from sweeping with a traditional broom. The only fault is when the battery is really low it has a little trouble finding the base but otherwise I highly recommend this product.
James Q.
So far this product has been every thing it was advertised to be an very pleased with it.
Shawn Drees
The best buying experience for vacuum
Great helper for simply cleaning the edges underbelly sofas and beds. Easy wireless charging with new sub-brushes for free. All instructions were clearly written, easy to follow. Carpet safe. Swipe all the hair up;)
It has a good navigation system
Great Product
I highly recommend this product. It works effectively on carpet, tile, and wood floors. It also easily navigates between rooms. This is a great product.
great product
Vacuum works well. Has good suction - I have hardwood floors, so am not sure how it would work on carpet. So far, I am very pleased
Debbie house
Love Love Love
I love this vacuum. The suction is great. Does a great job picking up pet hair. Found an earring I lost :) Remote is easy to use.
Jessica huang
Really great product
I have another vacuum, I bought this one for my Living room. I have to say A9 works much better than my previous vacuum from another brand. It is really easy to set up, and the vacuum itself is powerful enough. It picks up almost everything on the floor. I connected A9 to my, it is clever enough. I don’t need to worry about anything.
Erik Hohler
No pet hair!
I have wooden floors and we love the A9! The floors in my home stay super clean and I see zero cat hair on the floor! So good I’m buying another one for my second floor!!
Great machine BUT not for me
Great machine BUT not for me
Works very well.
Works very well.
Vanessa Caballero
Great battery
It works very good for a house with long haired animals.
Love it!
I love this vacuum! I'm very new to robo vacuums and am impressed with its room mapping abilities. It seems to have a memory of areas it missed and goes back to clean them up. The suction is also impressive as is the ability to get the corners and edges. Slim enough to fit under cabinet lip and the couch.
Best vacuum!
Easy to install,Easy to understand operation.
The supporting equipment is very complete. I'm mainly used to clean the hair falling from my house, which is very effective.
It is worth mentioning that if your machine is stuck by your hair, you can use the matching cleaning brush to handle it.
A product worth recommending!
Jonathan Brazer
Strong suction power and great purchase!!!
We love this vacuum!! It has such a strong suction power and I feel like it really navigates well. I would highly recommend purchasing this machine. You will not be disappointed!
Ilife a9 vaccum
We love it it cleans good
Maria lorusso
very good
vacuum cleaner is very good. The best in category price/quality. Shipment in 2 days. Thank You
John Bollok
Very efficient
Great quality!!!
Highly recommend it
Dana Mulder
Awesome vacuum
This thing is fantastic and for a third of the price of the higher end companies...
Silvi Dedi
This vacuum rocks! Vacuuming was the one chore I dreaded and I could never get my home fully clean but this little guy gets under the couch, under the bed, under everything and it also vacuums up my kitchen! Its great!! It saves me so much time and its automatic so I set it up to go at noon every day and it goes by itself! By the time I'm up, showered, eating breakfast and gotten ready for work, my whole apartment is clean! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! WORTH EVERY CENT!!
Maciej Maciejewski
Very well.
Very good equipment. Easy to set up. Great price.
Maciej Maciejewski
Very well.
Very good equipment. Easy to set up. Great price.
Olivia Erdley
Great purchase of a robot vacuum
It's my first robot vacuum and I'm surprised how handy it is. It's a great helper if you want to free your hands. You can just let it do its job and you can work on other things at home. It's very easy to install, charge and clean the vacuum itself. This robot vacuum can pick up tiny thing on floor and carpet. Very recommend to family that has younger children and pets.
Nancy Szymkowiak
Picks up GREAT!!!!!
This is a great product! We have a busy household and no carpet or rugs (due to allergies). We don't have time to sweep everyday. It picks up great, it is quiet and easy to use. Now I want one that mops.
Judy James
This vacuum met all my expectations
Michael White
Excellent little robo!
I’ve had this for over a moth and am really impressed. I have all laminate floors and this vacuum is perfect. I’ve tried 3 other brands only to return them. This is sturdy, well made, quiet, efficient and she entertains my dogs.
fantastic helper
fantastic helper. my parents love it. happy with purchase. good
very good
All as in the description. We are very happy to welcome this new family member. Really helping us to keep the house tidy. It's great. I didn't try yet the floor wash so can't tell anything.
It works!
We have tile and hardwood floors and no pets. Vacuums the house, 8 rooms plus hallways.
William Autery
Excellent little robo vacuum.
Excellent little robo vacuum. Excellent value and quality for the price
James Chinn
Great value vacuum!
Extremely impressed with this vacuum! It doesn’t miss a spot!
Shelby Detrick
Don’t have time to sweep? Must have!!!
We have 5 dogs that are inside outside dogs. This product has been a life saver! I run it every evening faithfully. It has its route and does the job. Minimal debris when I actually sweep once a week! Wish I would have gotten it sooner!!
Fantastic buy!
I absolutely love my new vacuum. It was so easy to setup and use. Great price too!
We are happy with this
I love it. for this price I think it is a great deal.
Shuts down wen finish
Best vacum ever easy cleaning
William Autery
Best one we have found... Period
This is our 2nd iLife vacuum. We got rid of the first one after 2 years thinking that the “name brands” were better. We were wrong. Shark - returned, Roomba - gone. Back to this one and we love it. It is quieter and the app is easy to use. Best deal out there...period.
Albert E jackson Jr.
I had an ILife V5S for a few years, and wanted to upgrade to something with app support.

I was totally surprised with A9 when it arrived. It's a little bigger, much faster, and all-around awesome. I couldn't be happier!
Great machine
Works well
ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Awesome! Really keeps my floors clean navigating around and under furniture going from room to room.
Excellent Value, and Quiet!
This vacuum was easy to set up, had clear instructions on how to get started quickly, and comes with several replacement parts. It performs very well, and looks like it's making strategic decisions about where it drives, given that it has mapping. The app works very well and it's entertaining to see it updating its live position on the map throughout the cleaning cycles
Great clean
This is my second robot vacuum I have purchased. This is by far a great product. I am very pleased . It does a great job on dog hair and general cleaning. I like the multiple brush heads for different floor types as well..I highly recommended it.
Joó Éva
I love it!
The best.
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