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B5 Max

ILIFE B5 Max Robot Vacuum,Wi-Fi Connected, Up to 2000Pa Strong Suction,Vacuum and Mop,Large Dustbin & Vacuum Bags, Zigzag Cleaning Path,Self-Charging, Ideal for Hard Floor
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2021-11-25 00:00:00 ~ 2021-11-29 14:59:59
  • The Spot Mode is perfect for intensive cleaning on small areas with 2000pa powerful suction. Auto Mode maximizes cleaning coverage, Max Mode enhances suction to 1500pa, and Edge Mode focuses on corners and edges.
  • Freely switch dustbin to dustbag when you tired of cleaning the bin. 1000ml capacity ensures the bag collects much more garbage to reduce the frequency of trash cleaning, and work as a filter while cleaning.
  • Operate the vacuum on ILIFEHOME and set up your weekly cleaning schedule, the robot will automatically start to clean based on your settings. More efficient cleaning with less time. (WiFi only support 2.4G, not 5G. )
  • Effectively removes dust and trash, and mopping the floor gently, making your floor spotless after cleaning.
  • A 12-month warranty and professional customer service provided by after-sales team.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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1.0L Large Capacity Dust Bag
1.0L Large Capacity Dust Bag
The dust bag works as a filter besides a container for trash collection, keeping the peak
performance of the robot while cleaning. Simply dispose of it after being filled up
with trash.
Nidec Brushless Motor Offers Powerful Suction
Nidec Brushless Motor Offers Powerful Suction
Driven by the Nidec Brushless Motor, B5 Max provides powerful suction to
pick up tiny dust, small particles, large debris, and pet hair.
Multiple cleaning modes
Multiple cleaning modes
Meet a variety of cleaning modes as you need. Path Mode maximizes cleaning coverage; Spot Mode enhances suction power (2000pa) to clean specific area; Max Mode deeply cleans the floor with enhanced suction power; Edge Mode cleans along edges and corners.
Easily Cleans Pet Hair with Anti-tangle Suction Nozzle
Easily Cleans Pet Hair with Anti-tangle Suction Nozzle
B5 Max vacuums dust, crumbs, debris, and hair through the suction nozzle without tangling, being ideal for pet keepers.
Adjustable Suction on the App
Adjustable Suction on the App
Use App Conveniently set up suction to clean areas with different amounts of trash and sizes of particles.
No Dust Hidden under Furniture
No Dust Hidden under Furniture
Easily goes into narrow spaces under the sofa or bed for thorough cleaning.
Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time
Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time
Effectively removes dust and trash, making your floor spotless after cleaning.
Premium NIDEC Brushless Motor
Premium NIDEC Brushless Motor
B5 Max to work quietly with a long lifespan, and providing strong suction up to 2000Pa.
No Attention Needed
No Attention Needed
The sensitive sensors ensure B5 Max to avoid accidental drops or bumping into the furniture
Automatic Recharge & Schedule Cleaning
Automatic Recharge & Schedule Cleaning
Return to the charging dock for self-charging when the battery power gets low, always ready to start cleaning according to the pre-set schedule.
Cleaning mode
Path, Spot, Edge, MAX, Recharge,
Tile, hardwood, carpet
Gradient Blue
Net weight
Ability to cross obstacles
Dustbin capacity
Charging time
Cleaning time
Working voltage
100-240VAC 50/60HZ 22W
The schedule timing does not leave for cleaning.
Make sure that the clock time and the schedule time are all setting successfully. Don't turn the power switch off when the schedule time was sited, otherwise the schedule time will lost.
Working with loudly noise.
1. Please check the main brush and side brush for entangled foreign matter, if so, please take out the brush and clean it
2. Please clean the filter of the dust box,(please note that the high-efficiency filter cannot be washed with water)
3. When the main brush and side brush are not installed, directly run the machine to see if there is any abnormal sound. If not, it may be the sound made by the main brush or side brush when it is working, which is normal
4. If the sound is too harsh, or the working sound of the machine is greater than 70 decibels, please record the video and send it to the technical support mailbox
The robot cannot avoid obstacles and will directly hit it.
Due to the infrared sensor in bumper,the robot will gently hit the really dark furniture but will not cause any damage.
Can not find the charging station?
The charging station is placed against the wall, each side is 0.5 meters, and there is no obstacle in the front 1.5 meters. Away from signal interference, such as router TVs,mirrors, windows, etc.
0.0 ( 0 Reviews )
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