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EASINE by ILIFE G80 Cordless Stick Vacuum, Lightweight with 22Kpa Powerful Suction, 45mins Runtime,4 Stage Cyclone Filtration,Special Side Brush Design to Clean All Corners.
4.6 ( 9 Reviews )
13 sold
2021-11-29 00:00:00 ~ 2021-12-05 23:59:59
  • Unique Side Brush Cleans Corners and Edges: The G80 features a spinning side brush to gather dust and debris from corners and edges, maximizing the cleaning coverage and efficiency.
  • Nidec Brushless Motor Offers Up To 22Kpa Suction: Driven by the durable Nidec brushless motor, the G80 provides up to 22Kpa suction to quietly pick up dust and debris all around your house.
  • 2500mAh Battery Provides 45mins Runtime: Powered by the high capacity battery, the G80 works up to 45 minutes (Normal Mode), so it is available to clean anywhere in your house.
  • 2 Ways to Store: The G80 features a storage base to place the main body and accessories or hang on the provided wall mount. Both ways save space and keep your home neat and tidy.
  • 4-stage Filtration with Cyclone System: The advanced filtration system isolates and captures different size particles of dust and debris in each stage, improving the filtration efficiency and expelling fresh air.
  • A 12-month warranty and professional customer service provided by after-sales team.
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Powerful Suction Up To 22Kpa
Powerful Suction Up To 22Kpa
Driven by the durable Nidec brushless motor, the G80 provides up to 22Kpa suction to quietly pick up dust and debris all around your house.
Superior Nidec Brushless Motor
Superior Nidec Brushless Motor
Provides the G80 with a powerful suction for efficient cleaning. The quality of the Nidec brushless motor gives it a long lifespan and quiet noise level.
No More Dust in Corners and Edges
No More Dust in Corners and Edges
The uniquely designed spinning side brush gathers dust and debris from corners and edges which other vacuums leave behind.
Multiple Tools to Clean Various Areas
Multiple Tools to Clean Various Areas
Equipped with the 2-in-1 suction nozzle, crevice tool and extension wand, the G80 is easily switched to a handheld vacuum to clean the countertop, sofa, curtains and any other hard-to-reach areas.
Suitable for Hard Floors and Low Carpets
Suitable for Hard Floors and Low Carpets
Equipped with 2 different roller brushes for the motorized floor head, the G80 performs well on hardwood, tile, laminate or low carpets.
Adjustable Suction Power
Adjustable Suction Power
The superior brushless motor provides the G80 with 10Kpa (Normal Mode) for up to 45mins runtime or 22Kpa (Max Mode) for when you need a deeper clean
Superior Nidec Brushless Motor
Superior Nidec Brushless Motor
Provides the G80 with a powerful suction for efficient cleaning. The quality of the Nidec brushless motor gives it a long lifespan and quiet noise level.
Convenient One-Touch Disposal
Convenient One-Touch Disposal
With one simple touch, you can hygienically dispose of dust and debris without getting yourself or the floor dirty.
Detachable & Washable Filter Kit
Detachable & Washable Filter Kit
To keep peak performance, the washable filter kit is easy to clean as well (Tip: Make sure the filter kit is completely dry before installing into the dustbin.)
Two Ways to Store
Two Ways to Store
Hang the G80 on the wall mount or place the main body and accessories in the storage base on the floor.
Cleaning mode
Regular Type,MAX
Car,Floor,Bed,Sofa seam,Curtain,Corner
Net weight
Hand Held
Special Suction Nozzle
2-in-1 Suction Nozzle
Dustbin capacity
Cleaning time
Up to 45 minutes
Charging type
Charging time
Working voltage
100-240V AC:50/60Hz 250W
How long should be the first battery charging?
6 hours by instruction
The robot only cleans for a short period.
1.The battery will lose power if the robot is in standby for too long. Fully charge the robot before using it again.
2.If the robot is shutting down and giving an error message; this is not the battery. Count the number of beeps and look in your manual for the meaning of the error message or contact support.
3.Reactivate the battery if the robot has not been used for a long time: put the robot on the charging base and charge for 3 minutes, then pull off. Repeat this 3 times before charging it for 3-5 hours as usual.
​​​​​​​4.When the battery reaches its end of life, it will shorten the robot's working time. Please replace the battery to maintain normal performance.
The noise level has clearly increased.
1. Clean the suction passage if it is clogged with debris.
2. Check if the side brushes are loose.
3. The dustbin is full or the high-performance filter was washed with water. Empty the dustbin and replace the high-performance filter.
4. Noise level increases when the robot is in MAX mode.
How we get started
EASINE(pronounced ez-in,from the world EASINESS,as you ease in a cleaner home and happier life),the sub-brand of ILIFE,focuse on handheld,cordless vacuum , in the past decades, our group have expanded the business to over 30 countries, helping millions as families around the world to create a clean living environment.
Why our product is unique?
Every EASINE product is developed using cutting-edge technologies to meet various cleaning needs, offering outstanding versatility and convenience for everyday use.
What EASINE brings to you?
EASINE is committed to helping you attain a clean home with the least amount of hassle so you have time to enjoy your home and life.
4.6 ( 9 Reviews )
All Reciews
Lauren Key
good suction!
The wife is happy, the suction capacity is sufficient to collect litter type cat filler, convenient container and high quality plastic. Lighting on the cheek always burns. The battery is not removable. Everything is super. The money is worthwhile, I would not take more expensive.
Nice Product
ILIFE G80 came in nice and well packaged box. Inside the box all the parts of handheld vacuum cleaner were both nicely and separately packed. Vacuum cleaner has three brushes, long tube and spare filter, second roller. Stand was included and wall mount as well.
Light and powerful
Vacuum cleaner was packed perfect. Quality of vacuum cleaner is super. Really light and powerful.
Great helper
The machine itself is great, not know how tired before without it live. Backlight very helps in exact clean surface. For vacuum cleaner attached are tip, by which exactly vacuum from any angle. Vacuum cleaner has 2 modes suction. Mode first peacefully just for normal daily cleaning. Mode 2 very well odkurza from carpets.
I love it
The vacuum cleaner is very convenient, light, the backlight does not allow you to miss any variety, compact storage, 30 squares took less than 30 percent of the charge.
B. Martin
Works great!
I like this vacuum, not noisy, cleans not bad, I like that it has a light in front and a nice design
Super product!
Super product, good suction force, convenient large and small brush. Great collects with floor and my hair. Small brush vacuuming rug for bedroom, sofa and skirting and large panels.
small and powerful
Conform to the description very well packaged. Very satisfied handy and powerful, even if in Max power the battery drains quickly
For a long time I chose between different manufacturers and chose this wonderful assistant. Delighted running around the house, changing the nozzles, it turned out so much dust in the house .... Hung on the wall, from below very conveniently inserted nozzles.
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