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ILIFE H55 Handheld Cordless Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 10.5KPa Suction Power, 35 Mins WorkingTime litter Clean Appliance
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2021-08-02 00:00:00 ~ 2021-08-13 23:59:59
  • 10500Pa vacuum suction, easily suck away dust and hair
  • The floor brush is equipped with LED lighting, the dark environment can also be cleaned 
  • 1.3L dust box capacity, can hold more garbage at one time
  • The main straw adopts a retractable design for easy cleaning and storage
  • A variety of cleaning heads, suitable for cleaning in various environments
  • The floor brush can rotate 270 ° to clear the dead angle flexibly
  • The filter can be washed with water and can be reused after drying
  • Removable battery pack, convenient for charging and maintenance

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10.5Kpa strong suction

The built-in new generation powerful motor can provide 10.5Kpa strong suction power. The dust in the floor gap, the hair dropped by the dog and other garbage can be easily sucked out.
2 Ways to Store
2 Ways to Store
Hang H55 on the wall mounting bracket, or attach the main body on the extension wand and place it into a small cabinet. Both ways save space.
Adjustable Extension Wand
Adjustable Extension Wand
Flexible on length adjustment, fitting your family members with different heights for a perfect cleaning experience.
Washable Filter Kit
Washable Filter Kit
Easy to maintain and keep your H55 in peak performance in an economic way.
Large 1.3L Dustbin
Large 1.3L Dustbin
Twice the capacity as most on the market. Reduce the frequency of emptying. Push the release button to empty the dustbin without getting dirty.
Superior Motorized Floor Head
Superior Motorized Floor Head
Flexible to smoothly clean around corners and furniture. The built-in LED lights up dark areas to ensure a thorough cleaning.
Suitable for a Variety of Floors
Suitable for a Variety of Floors
Equipped with 2 different roller brushes, each designed to pick up more effectively on hard floors or low carpets.
Up to 40mins Runtime
Up to 40mins Runtime
2200mAh battery allows the H55 to work up to 40 minutes throughout your entire house.
Variable Suction Power
Variable Suction Power
With the normal mode (7Kpa) and max mode (10.5Kpa), the H55 can efficiently clean in different scenarios.
Dustbin capacity
Cleaning time
Up to 40 minutes
Charging time
Net weight
Car,Floor,Bed,Sofa seam,Curtain,Corner
How we get started
EASINE(pronounced ez-in,from the world EASINESS,as you ease in a cleaner home and happier life),the sub-brand of ILIFE,focuse on handheld,cordless vacuum , in the past decades, our group have expanded the business to over 30 countries, helping millions as families around the world to create a clean living environment.
Why our product is unique?
Every EASINE product is developed using cutting-edge technologies to meet various cleaning needs, offering outstanding versatility and convenience for everyday use.
What EASINE brings to you?
EASINE is committed to helping you attain a clean home with the least amount of hassle so you have time to enjoy your home and life.
0.0 ( 0 Reviews )
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