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V3s Pro

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-free Suction, Slim Body, Automatic Self-Charging, Daily Schedule Cleaning, Ideal For Pet Hairs, Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet
4.9 ( 29 Reviews )
  • The tangle-free suction head can easily pick up dirt, dust, hairs and furs without tangling. Applicable to hardwood, tile, laminate or stone.
  • Preset a working time to start its daily cleaning routine, 90-100 minutes run when fully charged.
  • Low-profile design allows it to clean under furniture where dirt hides.
  • Full set of smart sensors to avoid bumping into furniture or falling off stairs.
  • Easy operation with remote control, or one touch on auto clean button.
  • Automatically return to charging dock for recharge when battery runs low or cleaning task finished.
  • 12-month warranty and professional customer service provided by after-sales team.
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V3s Pro for Pet Hair Care
V3s Pro for Pet Hair Care
Built-in motor provides strong suction power to easily pick up dirt, dust, and hairs. The tangle-free suction head ensures they will not get tangled. Two high-performance filters effectively reduce the rate of being clogging and maintain high suction.
Multiple Cleaning Modes
Multiple Cleaning Modes
Multiple cleaning modes satisfy your different cleaning needs. Edge, Auto, Spot modes handle different situations. For better cleaning experience, you can schedule a time to let the robot clean at your preference.
Rover over 10mm obstacles
Rover over 10mm obstacles
With extra large RoadRover wheels, V3s Pro can ride over obstacles and travel across different rooms with stability.
Scheduled cleaning
Scheduled cleaning
Preset a working time to get your V3s Pro to start its daily routine cleaning when you are not home.
Tangle free cleaning
Tangle free cleaning
The powerful suction head can easily pick up dirt, dust, hair and fur without tangling.
Slim body
Slim body
Low-profile design allows it to reach under furniture where dust and dirt hide, like sofa, beds.
Model: V3s Pro
Cleaning mode
Cleaning mode: Auto, Spot, Edge,
Dimension: 300*300*81mm
Suitability: Tile, hardwood, carpet
Net weight
Net weight: 2.2kg
Grade-ability: 15-degrees
Color: Pearl White
Ability to cross obstacles
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 10mm
Dustbin capacity
Dustbin capacity: 300ml
Charging type
Charging type: Auto / Manual
Cleaning time
Cleaning time: Up to 90 minutes
Working voltage
Working voltage: 14.4V
Charging time
Charging time: 200~350 minutes
Power: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 22W
Can the robot clean water spots in the kitchen or bathroom?
The robot must not be used on the wet floors. Vacuuming liquids will damage the robot.
The robot has returned to its charging dock for recharge during the scheduled time.
Will it resume to work after recharge or until the next scheduled cycle?The robot responds to scheduled cleaning once a day only. After recharge,it will start working automatically when the next schedule comes. If you need the robot to clean now, send a command with the remote control.
Will the robot keep cleaning until the scheduled cycle finishes?
Yes, the vacuum will keep cleaning unless you press PAUSE or its battery level is low and it returns to the charging base.
Do I need to maintain the robot?
You need to clean and maintain the robot regularly – clean dusty cliff sensors and remove hair and debris in the side brushes and wheels.Do not squeeze or press the high-performance filter. It must not be washed with water. Tab the filter to any remove dust.
Can I leave the robot on the charging dock if I'm not using it for some time?
Yes. After the robot is fully charged, it will enter trickle charging to compensate self-discharge in the battery and avoid overcharge. Do not allow children to charge the robot. Turn off the power switch if it will not be used for a long time.
Why can't the robot go back to the charging dock for recharge?
Make sure there is about 1 meter of unblocked space on both sides and about 2 meters in front of the charging dock. To avoid disturbing trickle charging, do not put the charging dock near high wattage appliances such as a television or refrigerator.
Why doesn’t the robot work at the scheduled cleaning time?
1. The power switch on the robot is turned off.
2. The battery is low.
3. The schedule was not saved in the robot properly. Read the user manual for instructions on how to schedule or visit our How-To Video Tutorials.
4. After a schedule is set, keep the power switch on the robot on. The preset schedule will be canceled if the power switch is turned off or the robot’s battery runs completely out.
What if the robot moves backwards and circles around?
1. Clean the cliff sensors with a dry cloth or cotton swab.
2. Clean the side wheels.
​​​​​​​3. Check if the bumper is out all the way. Loosen the screws along the front bumper and tap to restore it to the original position. If necessary, remove the front bumper, clean and reinstall (make sure not to make screws too tight).
Why does the robot make more noise and clean less efficiently than before?
The robot needs to be maintained regularly. Follow these steps to remove debris from the robot:
1. Turn off the power switch. Remove and empty the dustbin.
2. Clean the primary and high-performance filters.
3. Clean the suction passage if it is stuck.
4. Remove and clean the side brushes.
Why does the robot fall down stairs occasionally even if it is equipped with an anti-fall system?
1. If the carpet extends beyond the steps, the robot will consider it as a carpeted floor and continue cleaning, causing it to fall down the stairs.
2. If the cliff sensors are dusty it can block the sensors view. Clean the cliff sensors.
3. Some flooring is reflective. This will impact the function of the floor detectors. Add barriers to prevent falls.
The robot cleans well but doesn't work as long as before.
1. The battery will lose power if the robot is in standby for too long. Fully charge the robot before using it again.
2. If the robot is shutting down and giving an error message; this is not the battery. Count the number of beeps and look in your manual for the meaning of the error message or contact support.
3. Reactivate the battery if the robot has not been used for a long time: put the robot on the charging base and charge for 3 minutes, then pull off. Repeat this 3 times before charging it for 3-5 hours as usual.
​​​​​​​4. When the battery reaches its end of life, it will shorten the robot’s working time. Please replace the battery to maintain normal performance.
Why can’t the robot be recharged?
1. Make sure the power switch on the side of the robot is turned on.
2. Make sure the adapter and charging base are connected to power, the green light on top of the base should be lit.
3. Check if the charging pins are in contact with the robot.
4. Try charging the robot directly with the adapter into the side of the robot.
5. Check if the battery in the robot is properly installed.
The robot occasionally roams around and returns to charging dock when it is in standby mode.
The robot will return to itscharging dock under two circumstances:
1) Its voltage is unstable;
2) It has received disrupted signals.
What should I do if the robot accidentally sucks in liquids?
Turn off the power switch immediately. Dry the dustbin, primary filters and suction passage. Replace the high-performance filter. Reinstall the parts after they are dry and turn on the robot again.
The remote control doesn’t work.
1. The transmission range of the remote control is 4 meters. Signals weaken outside this range.
2. The battery of the remote control is low. Replace the batteries.
3. The battery of the robot is low. Recharge the robot.
4. The infrared transmitter of the remote control or the robot’s receiver are dirty. Clean them with a dry cloth.
​​​​​​​5. The robot is too close to the charging base or there is signal interference from other infrared devices near the remote control.
Why doesn’t the robot react after I press AUTO or CLEAN on the robot/remote control?
1. Make sure the power switch on the side (bottom on V5spro) of the robot is turned on.
2. Check the battery level of the robot and fully charge it.
The robot beeps on the charging dock.
1. Turn on the power switch;
2. Make sure you are using a factory authorized adapter;
​​​​​​​3. The charging pins are dirty causing improper connection. Clean the charging pins on the robot and charging dock.
The robot is cleaning around a small area and randomly changing its direction.
The black and white nose wheel of the robot is stuck or needs to be cleaned. Cleaning steps are as follows:
1. Pull firmly on the nose wheel to remove the whole assembly.
2. Remove any debris inside the wheel cavity.
3. Spin the wheel by hand. If rotation is restricted,remove the wheel from its housing andpush firmly to remove the axle to clean any debris or hair wrapped around it.
4. Reinstall all parts when everything has been cleaned.
The noise level has clearly increased.
1. Clean the suction passage if it is clogged with debris.
2. Check if the side brushes are loose.
3. The dustbin is full or the high-performance filter was washed with water. Empty the dustbin and replace the high-performance filter.
The robot only cleans for a short period.
1.The battery will lose power if the robot is in standby for too long. Fully charge the robot before using it again.
2.If the robot is shutting down and giving an error message; this is not the battery. Count the number of beeps and look in your manual for the meaning of the error message or contact support.
3.Reactivate the battery if the robot has not been used for a long time: put the robot on the charging base and charge for 3 minutes, then pull off. Repeat this 3 times before charging it for 3-5 hours as usual.
4.When the battery reaches its end of life, it will shorten the robot's working time. Please replace the battery to maintain normal performance.
Why doesn’t the robot clean around the charging dock?
This is a default configuration to prevent the robot from running into the charging dock or wires which may disturb its recharge cycle.
The robot isn’t connected to the charging dock for recharge.
1.Clean the charging pins on the robot and the charging dock if they are dirty. Try to recharge the robot again.
2.Press the Home button on the remote to let the robot dock itself instead of placing the robot on the dock yourself.
The robot is circling around a small area.
The side wheels may be jammed by debris. If cleaning the wheels doesn’t help, contact our customer service representatives. Please pay attention to the number of beeps in the error message when the robot shuts down.
The side wheels slip or are not rotating while the robot is cleaning.
1. There is liquid on the floor. The slip is caused by reduced friction between the side wheels and the floor.
2. The mop cloth holder has loosened during cleaning and causes too much friction with the floor. Remove the mop cloth holder.
The robot has missed or repeated cleaning some areas.
1. The robot will automatically clean the areas that it has missed. Do not move it or block its cleaning route.
2. Because every home setting is different, spatial analysis discrepancy may happen. If the robot hasn’t covered some areas, put it in another spot manually and restart the cleaning cycle.
​​​​​​​3. Before using the robot, clear excessive objects on the floor that may block its cleaning path (e.g. cables, slippers, upright fan). The robot cannot clean narrow spaces which are smaller than itself. Rearrange the furniture and settings for better cleaning results.
The side brushes are not working or rotating very slowly.
1. The robot’s battery is low and has entered into search mode for the charging base. The robot's side brushes and wheels will move slower in this mode.
2. Side brushes are jammed by debris. Remove and clean them.
The signal light on top of the robot is off after the robot has idled for some time.
To save energy, the robot will enter sleep mode after idling for a certain period of time. To reactive the robot, press the “CLEAN” or “AUTO” button.
4.9 ( 29 Reviews )
All Reciews
I use this thing every single day. If you have a pet that sheds, this little robot will change your life.

I've had an ilife vacuum robot before and I remember it doing a decent job so when I got my new dog, a Husky / Shepherd mix, and found myself cleaning my floors every day to keep up with all the shedding .. I got another ilife because the price was right but this v3 Pro is impressive! I like the new design for the cartridge/filter - it's extremely easy to clean out, since it does fill up quickly, that is important. I don't have any rugs or carpeting so I can't say how well it does on that but for hardwood or concrete floors full of pet hair, 5 stars.

In the photo you can see it picked up all the hair and tiny bits of dog treats, this was one day of accumulation. The first day I got it, I had to empty it three times
I was pleasantly surprised by the V3s Pro iLife robotic vacuum. I charged it yesterday & ran it today. There were about 3 pieces of white fur that the V3s missed. Those were deeply embedded into the carpet where my Bichon scratches her back.

The only disappointment was that the Vs3 couldn't find Home. It was perhaps a foot away, & seemed to be lost. I turned it off, picked it up & placed it to charge. I will follow up & check the manual later to troubleshoot.

This was a gift to me, & one that I hope continues to do well.
aja adell
Got the vacuum because we have a dog. I got tired of sweeping all the time. Set up the vacuum (pretty simple) and it immediately started cleaning the house. It runs into the wall sometimes so we named him “Wall-E” and he’s been a great addition to the household. I’m growing an emotional bond to him so that’s kind of weird but other than that, so glad we bought the V3 Pro iLife Vacuum.
We have a yellow lab and the vacum cleaner is perfect for picking up his hairs on our floor!
The ILIFE V3s has been going strong for five years now. It lives in a gunsmith shop collecting little screws and other various pieces that end up on the ground. The timer system is a joke so completely forget about that every working, but every other part of the robot works well. It's durable, as mine has been stepped on/kicked numerous times. It cleans pretty well, well enough that I do not need to broom the floor hardly ever. It gets into hard to reach places which are nice. Unfortunately, it seems many people do not do follow up reviews about long term ownership, so hopefully this will suffice.

Works great as a vacuum, picks up pieces up to small fasteners.
Cleaning Algorithim is simple but effective
High durability and long life (5 years so far)
finds home reliably

It's loud
Timer feature is completely nonfunctional
Algorithm tends to spend too much time around complicated shapes
Top door is easy to accidentally open, machine will pop it open occasional on low objects
Tommy McFarland
I love this thing.
I've had 4 Roombas and I'll tell you why I like this better:

1. Less expensive
2. Quieter
3. Lower profile
4. Vacuums instead of just sweeping
5. Easier to program
6. Easier to clean

Did I mention I love this thing?
Don't want to spend hundreds? Don't! Great value!
First of all,I am a frugal person who really wants service out of what I work hard to buy.I did not want to spend three , or four hundred dollars on a vacuum that is a supplement to old fashioned elbow grease.I did a few hours of comparison and settled on this.We have 3 dogs and a cat and I thought I would be satisfied if this thing would kind of "surface clean" to get the tumbleweed fur.
Yes! It does that and also goes from hardwood to our low pile Berber and rugs without hanging up.It goes about an hour and a half without having to dock.The cup is always full.I honestly didn't know my floor was so dirty.I love this little thing.My dogs don't pay attention to it but my cat runs .I consider that a little extra.She gets exercise!
Worth it!
I was a little worried about buying this because it seemed so cheap but let me tell you - it is a life saver! I run a daycare in my home, have kids of my own, and have two long haired cats. I swept before it came and it still was completely full of cat hair and dust just after running for 20 minutes. It does get stuck sometimes under my couch but not a huge problem. It easily goes from room to room with no problems. If you have been thinking about getting one... do it!
Buying another one
Best purchase ever. I have 2 dogs and I have put this to work 4 to 5 days out of the week. I have wooden floors and it transitions well room to room. Only complain will be on how small the trash box is. We have to empty it twice during use. Overall very satisfied.
It's only been a week, but I love this little guy.
Madison Myers
Best purchase ever
Literally the best purchase I’ve ever made! I have concrete floors and 2 shedding dogs... I used to have to sweep the floors every other day (which I didn’t). So I never wanted anyone to come into our house because I couldn’t keep up with the shedding. Got this bad boy and I hit the clean button every night before I go to bed and wake up to clean floors.... cleaner than when I would sweep. Im not exaggerating when I say that I have told everyone that has dogs to get one! I’ll set it to clean when the floors don’t seem dirty and when I clean out the filter it’s filled with dust and fur. Seriously amazing.
Jeri R.
It is an awesome partner around the house!
I love this little vacuum especially with pet hair. We have 3 cats and one Lab, who is a shedding machine!
I empty filters after each use. It seems to run about 1 hour 40 minutes or so, before heading back to its docking station. When I had some questions their customer service is excellent. The folks answer the phone and help you right off the bat. They also offer further help if needed. This says a lot about a company. So far very pleased.
Catherine Lavallee
So far so good!!
I'm a busy mom of 5. I have 11 year old twins, a 9 year old, 1 year old twins, a dog, 2 cats, and a husband who has a home based business. He is in and out constantly, and refuses to remove his shoes.

I NEEDED help!

Two days ago I was stressing like you wouldn't believe trying to stay on top of all the housework when my husband walked in and said: "Why are you so stressed? You really need to relax."

RELAX?!?!? How can I relax when there is so much to do?!

Soooo I immediately decided that I was getting a robot maid so I can fteaking relax more.

I love it so far. It's been cleaning so well and it's one less thing on my plate.

Relax. Haha Haha

Excellent Performance at a Reasonable Price
We've had the ILife robot vacuum for several months and have been very happy with its performance. Its ideally suited for hardwood floors and its low profile enables it to get under couches, ottomans and chairs. We learned that you need to watch out for electrical cords or window blind cords that may get tangled in the brushes. I don't have any experience with other brands. Overall we've been very satisfied with this purchase.
Barbra Das
Great product!
Great robot
Great Robot Maid
Had this for about a year now. Works great! First time you run it you’ll be surprised how much crud it picks up. I have a 1/4 inch pile rug in my living room that it has a little difficulty getting over and flips the rug over but it keeps on going and doesn’t bother me much to flip the corner back after it’s done.

Be nice to your robot maid and pick up any large obstacles that are just laying around that might trap it in a weird corner.

Liked it so much I bought one for my mom and dad. They love it!
Good product
This little thing works.
Great on pet hair!
We’ve had our iLife V3s for 8 months and we love it. We have hardwood floors with two cats and one hairy dog. The collection bin is full every morning (we run it at 1am while we sleep). It runs for about two hours and generally makes it back to its dock to recharge. The only time it’s gotten stuck was our own fault from leaving something on the floor for it to tangle in. One minus is that it doesn’t do well on area rugs. We usually have to vacuum those by hand.
kristin cash
Love it!
We have hardwood floors throughout except the kitchen & bathroom. . I love that it gets close to the baseboards and can clean where my regular vacuum can't, like under my bed!
K. Pugh
Works great
Likes ... the price is good;
Wow was I impressed!
The ILife works fantastic, I was skeptical at first but after the first run when it found all this dirt I had not seen and then comparing it to my sisters I am a believer. My house is a mix of tile and hardwood with area rugs, a single story but has multi levels of just 4 inch difference both up and down in height plus a short ramp into the laundry room. Needless to say when you add in the furniture the machine has some obstacles to maneuver around. It never has fallen into the sunken room and does great going up and down the ramp, has an occasional issue going onto one of the rugs but seems to figure it out and always finds it's way back to the charging station. If I find the time will post some pics or video. Would definitely recommend!
Catherine Lavallee
Works like a flick of a magic wand and we call it “Dobbie”
We are loving this little helper. We put a name tag on it hereby named our little knight of the dust wats, “Dobbie”. In comparison to the other brands for much higher prices, I don’t get it. This iLife works perfectly! I try to pick up small things and some larger obstructions from the floor. I put a baby gate at the top of the stairs to ensure it doesn’t fall down but there is a step to another room up stairs and it has never fallen into that room yet. It transitions fine onto low carpet but if an area rug is not flat it struggles however it seems to make it eventually. The only time it had a hard time was the foot of the leg of the hand-drying clothing stand. It could not get off it, like it was humping the foot. Weird. Other wise it’s awesome!!! Does a fantastic job! I always clean out the cartridge and then wipe it like new. I shake out the filter though I have replacements for when the one I’m using is definitely spent. Why would the other companies charge SO MUCH? I appreciate iLife making an affordable and highly functional alternative and I personally plan on buying more of their products.
I’m addicted!!
I run this like 3-4 times a day in the whole house and it is amazing! We have 4 dogs and a baby. This picks up dog hair, dirt, chunks of leaves and dust with no problems. I have to empty it kinda frequently but I’m totally okay with that. Just purchased a second one as a gift!
Luke Spiker
Good Vacuum
Simple with no frills. Really good deal for the price. It gets the job (mostly) done. Other than that, this has been a lifesaver! We'll be purchasing another for upstairs.
It works!
I love this robot!
michelle dew
I watched her Roomba and asked many questions and I loved the concept
My daughter has a Roomba pet series. I watched her Roomba and asked many questions and I loved the concept, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $350.00 for something that swept the floor. Then I researched the top 10 robotic vacuums. The ILife was in the top 10. I have to tell you that I will never again be without an ILife! This thing saves me at least 3 hours of housework a week. I paid a third the cost of a Roomba. My daughter has since bought an ILife for her upstairs, and loves it! I have even named mine Rosie! It is life changing.
Lauren Everhart
I am fascinated by this little thing!
I bought this on a whim because my first vacuum was too much to drag around. This bot is perfect for tile and hardwood floors. The directions are super easy to follow and it does a great job of picking up dirt,pet hair,and dust.

I could watch this robot for hours. It does make you want to clean the rest of your house after you see how amazing your floors look and feel. I’m very much a neat freak and like to have my home a certain way,so if I’m pleased,that says a lot. I can’t believe that I went this long without one of these things. Well worth the money and wait.
Awesome vacuum.
I just wanted to tell everyone how awesome this vacuum has been for me. I have only needed it on hardwood floors but I have dogs and cats that shed. Before this vacuum I had to sweep every day. Now I just turn this little jewel on and away it goes. It cleans my entire open downstairs space. I empty the container and if it’s cleaning day I take it to the rooms I want cleaned and just let it zip. Lol. The emptying and cleaning of it is very quick and easy. I really recommend it for those who just need a simple product and don’t require the app program machines.
Renee H.
Great product for the price.
This little guy really does the trick.
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