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01/10-01/25 2022

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Vacuum, Mop,
Wash 3-in-1

Dual Tanks

One Button


30 Mins

East to
Move Around

All-in-One Smart Cleaning System

3 Steps in w100_one.png Cleaning Cycle

Vacuum, mop and wash are in one cleaning cycle, making your floor away from
harsh stain and dirty mess.

Make Cleaning More Pure

Dual separated tanks make sure it is always clean water that cleans your floor,
dirty water and garbage will store in the dirty water tank, reducing secondary pollution.


Dirty water tank


Clean water tank

Efficient Cleaning

Equipped with strong power motor, W100 can easily deal with while vacuuming or mopping.

Work on Multi Surfaces

W100 is designed for daily cleaning and can be used on most hard floor types.


Built for Household Cleaning

One Button Self-Cleaning

Just pressing the auto-cleaning button,
W100 will begin to cleaning ithe brush roller
and tubes by itself.

30 Mins Runtime for
One Full Charge

With 3000mAh detachable battery,
W100 can work up to 30 mins,
easily covering a 200㎡ house cleaning.

Easy to Move Around

Getting rid of messy wires and cords,
W100 will be easy to be taken anywhere.
And the lightweight body is convenient
for mom to hold from here to there.

Simple, Convenient and Visual

Insight into Everything

Screen display makes you know all about
what’s going on with W100.


Your Personal Voice Assistant

Smart voice assistant gives you all-round user guidance and
reminds you of something important.

Water control Spray

Spray button, which is located under the
main handle, controls amount of water
on the floor according to floor conditions.

Washable HEPA Filter and Roller Brush

HEPA filter and micro-fiber roller brush can be easily detached, remaining both
environmental friendly and budget friendly.

3-in-1 Charging Dock

Charging dock can store all the attachments
that W100 comes with, includeing micro-fiber
roller brush, HEPA filter, small cleaning brush.

Product Specifications

|  Net weight: ~4.2kg

|  Capacity of clean water tank: 0.6L

|  Capacity of dirty water tank: 0.5L

|  Dimension: 1170 X 280 X 250mm

|  Rated voltage: 100V-240V 50/60Hz

|  Rated power: 150W

|  Battery capacity: 3000mAh

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